A better experience is goood design

Hi, I’m Julia Juco, UX Designer and
Founder of Huco Designs

About Huco Designs
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Our Services: Web Design

Seamless online experiences

Ensure your online presence is not just stunning but also hassle-free with our web design and maintenance services. We create websites that engage, convert, and evolve with your business.

What we offer: No-code Web Design, User Experience (UX) Design, Website Maintenance, Performance Optimization

Our Services: Branding

Craft remarkable brand identities

We dig into your brand's essence, competition, and market trends to create a brand that resonates. Your brand isn't just a logo; it's an experience, a story, a promise.

What we offer: Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Visual Identity, Market Research, Competitive Analysis

Our Services: Social Media

Fuel your digital presence.

Make a strong impact on social media with our captivating visuals and strategic content. We help you engage and connect with your audience in the digital realm.

What we offer: Social Media Graphics, Content Creation, Brand Consistency, Social Media Strategy, Campaign Graphics

Our Services: Print Assets

Elevate your offline presence

Stand out in the physical world with eye-catching print materials. We bring your brand to life on paper, leaving a lasting impression on anyone you come across.

What we offer: Business Cards, Signage, Brochures, Flyers, Posters, Stationery

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recent work.

Whether its UX case studies, freelance brand work, or just general musings- there's something for every reader.

Digital excellence


Tap into your digital potential to make a tangible impact that leaves a lasting impression.

Your brand
Your way


Create engaging digital experiences that not only elevate your brand but also deeply connect with your audience.

A better experience is goood design.
A better experience is goood design.
A better experience is goood design.
A better experience is goood design.

Design with


Partner with a designer who genuinely listens to your challenges and aspirations, and helps you map out realistic options and deliver on them.

made simple


Working alongside a designer who is approachable, straightforward, and maintains open and friendly communication from start to finish.

You've got questions?Here are some answers.

What services do you offer as a freelance designer?

We offer a variety of services from: branding and strategy to print design and social media assets, all the way to hassle-free websites that you can customize without us. Our mission? To make your digital presence exciting to show off.

What are "no-code" websites and why should I consider them?

No-code websites are drag-and-drop builders that make website building a bit more accessible to non-technical folks. We use no-code builders to empower you with the skills to tweak your site without needing any web designers (including us!) down the road.

How can you improve a business' existing web presence?

First we do a deep-dive into your website- finding all the areas that need a little extra love. Next, we clean up your content and re-format it so visitors can find what you want them to see with ease. Then, it's all about applying designs to your content and making sure they look as good on desktop as they do on your phone. Finally, we update your site so you show up on Google (and/or any search engine of choice).

What is your pricing structure for your services?

We charge on a per-project basis. We understand that every project is unique, so our pricing is tailored to your needs. We usually start with a quick phone chat to understand what it is you're looking for, and then we send over a full proposal specific to your needs.

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